Case Studies

Category: 3C and Home Appliances

Case 1: Product Enhancement

Background: T is a leading in flat-screen television sector brand in China and has been significantly investing in e-commerce. However, the brand’s flagship product’s performance was significantly behind the projected sales.

Challenge: In 2015 the brand made significant investments and transformed its business model and processes to adapt to e-commerce operations. This resulted in releasing an online-exclusive product line to open up the market. However, in spite of multiple marketing mix adjustments, the flagship product’s sales kept significantly lagging behind projections.

Solution:  Syntun conducted an in-depth analysis of the overall retail data and customer comments, which resulted in the following findings:

  1. Analysis of market segments and competition showed that the product was well positioned and it matched the needs of online shoppers.
  2. Marketing strategy and investment strategy showed that the marketing mix was adequate and able to drive consumer spending.
  3. Customer comment and feedback analysis showed a lower than average customer satisfaction score mainly between 3.5-3.9 out of 5.
  4. Advanced semantic and sentiment analysis showed that customers were not complaining about the company’s service, but the problem was focus on product design and user experience.
  5. Further analysis showed that 70% of reported complains were about the length of product’s power cord.

Result:  Syntun recommended extending increase of the power cord length to twice the size it had been previously used. The client accepted the suggestion, which resulted in customer satisfaction score of enhanced product jumping from 3.8 to 4.6 out of 5, and sales increased by more than 40% - more than originally projected.

Case 2: New Product Design

Background: M is a leading electronics and home appliance brand in China and in 2012 was planning to consolidate its market position by expanding to e-commerce platforms.

Challenge: The brand developed a whole new backstage system for its e-commerce operations and planned to enter the online market by launching a line of attractive products and establishing the category dominance. After releasing multiple trials of different product lines, the flagship product’s sales performance was far from expected.

Findings: Syntun conducted an in-depth analysis, which resulted in the following findings:

  1. Analysis of induction cooker segment sales history showed that the traits of the best selling product in the category were:touch screen/ desktop/ price range: RMB 200 - 300.
  2. Semantic analysis of customer comments showed that thickness and product color were frequently mentioned.
  3. By integrating sales data and customer feedback, Syntun proposed a solution that included various product feature optimizations.

Result: Syntun recommended a set of new features including bright colors, paper-thin product body and numerous other features highly appreciated by online shoppers. M accepted the recommendation and their new, optimized product became one of top 5 best selling induction cookers in China in 2013.


Category: NARTD (Non alcoholic ready to drink)

Case 3: Development of Brand E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

Background: K is a well-known NARTD brand, which considers e-commerce not only as a significant distribution channel, but also views online retail platforms as media channels that allow direct engagement with consumers and stronger brand value building.

Solution: The brand started using Syntun’s product - Big Data Market Intelligence System D-Matrix in 2017. D-Matrix empowered the client to control and manage its e-commerce channels, be timely informed of any market share change in the category, understand the drivers behind the trend and respond to any competitors’ pricing and promotion activities quickly.